We’re tired of waiting!

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Residents have waited over three months for the completion of their LTNs in Church Cowley and Florence Park.

LTN plans approved by Oxfordshire County Council on January 21 call for ANPR camera enforcement of point-closures on Cornwallis Road and Bartholomew Road.

It’s not just residents of these neighbourhoods who are losing out from the inability of the local authority to implement its own traffic orders. Parents from all over Cowley and further afield are unable to take their children to the half-dozen primary schools in the area on a low-traffic route, thanks to the still-high-traffic bits of what should be low-traffic neighbourhoods in Church Cowley and Florence Park.

We’re asking Oxfordshire County Council to implement these bus gates by any means necessary. If they need to work with Thames Valley Police to institute “pop-up” enforcement, then get on and do it! If they need to hire “temporary” ANPR cameras, then get on and do it.

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