What Can I Do?

1. Contact the Cabinet and your local politicians

Our councillors will be receiving feedback about the new LTNs (positive and negative). Please send them a brief message of support now to make sure they get a balanced view of how residents feel about the scheme. You may have sent this kind of message to councillors before, but it’s important to do this again now as the council cabinet has changed recently. Please email:

County council cabinet:
liz.leffman@oxfordshire.gov.uk, liz.brighouse@oxfordshire.gov.uk, glynis.phillips@oxfordshire.gov.uk, pete.sudbury@oxfordshire.gov.uk, andrew.gant@oxfordshire.gov.uk, tim.bearder@oxfordshire.gov.uk, duncan.enright@oxfordshire.gov.uk, calum.miller@oxfordshire.gov.uk, jenny.hannaby@oxfordshire.gov.uk, mark.lygo@oxfordshire.gov.uk

To find your city councillors and county councillor, pop your postcode into this site: https://www.writetothem.com/

Please remember to cc hello@liveablecowley.org.uk

2. Join us

Please join our mailing list or get in touch if you want to do more.