What do our LTNs look like?

The pictures below show the sites of new modal filters. The squares show filters that allow access for pedestrians and cyclists only, whilst the circles also allow buses and taxis through (‘bus gates’).

Placement of filters has been carefully planned by an engineer commissioned by Oxfordshire County Council, in order to limit motor traffic to access only (i.e. through-cutting is not possible). This means that although any one filter might be able to reduce traffic in its immediate surroundings, the filters have to work together to produce a true LTN.

** Keep scrolling to see what effect these filters have on traffic flows in the area… **

Cowley Low Traffic Neighbourhoods Temple Cowley
NOTE! The TC2 modal filter has moved from its original consultation position just south of Don Bosco Close.
Cowley Low Traffic Neighbourhoods Florence Park
Cowley Low Traffic Neighbourhoods Church Cowley

(Credit: Oxfordshire County Council)

How do these affect traffic flows?

This really useful map shows how traffic flows will work with the new modal filters. Different coloured areas show how the filters eliminate through traffic and transform the area into ‘access only’. The map also shows how these measures bring Cowley into line with existing LTNs in surrounding areas, which were built into planning.