Save our Low Traffic Neighbourhoods!

The council propose to physically reopen three filters, relying only on automatic number plate recognition cameras (ANPR) to prevent traffic.  Littlehay, Crescent & Littlemore Roads are in jeopardy. Liveable Cowley encourage you to object! 

Why Object?

Safe streets can only be guaranteed by a physical closure. ANPR does not guarantee this. 

Which do you want?

Deadline: 17 April 2023

Don’t reopen our streets to traffic risk!

The council is making a mistake by downgrading physical filters to ANPR-only. We need BOTH. ANPR to deal with mopeds and physical infrastructure to guarantee that our streets are safe.

Liveable Cowley encourage you to object to this consultation. Point out the following concerns and hold the council to our shared Liveability vision. 

  1. No evidence that ANPR-only filters are needed.
  2. ANPR openings will make streets more dangerous, particularly as main-routes bus gates (in future) with their numerous exemptions will confuse drivers.
  3. ANPR inevitably invites pleas for exemptions and concessions; a possible political tool and slippery slope.
  4. The council’s plan doesn’t address actual problems:
  • Traffic speed on Westbury Crescent South
  • Rymers Lane school-run chaos 
  • Mopeds’ illegal use of filtered routes
  • Lack of a safe crossing between Beauchamp Lane and Rymers Lane

Backtracking now erodes the vision for Oxford!
Our network of connected LTNs is critical to a safe & active Oxford. A new Oxford with liveability at its core. Pocket parks, active travel infrastructure, facilities for those who wheel or walk and bike-trains to school should be the direction of changes. Tell your council:

NO to car-everywhere infrastructure. Physical filters AND ANPR!

Don’t forget …

… what our roads and junctions used to look like before the LTNs:

  1. Rymers/Cornwallis/Littlehay. There were 35 incidents here in the 20 years ending 2019.
  1. Crescent Road. 22 incidents in the 20 years ending 2019.
  1. Littlemore Road / Crowell Road. 49 incidents in the 20 years ending 2019.

Liveable Cowley are encouraging the council to keep the physical barriers and add ANPR to discourage moped/motorbike .
Please share this web page and write to the council:
Take the council consultation here:

The OX4 postcode had as many point-closures (“filters”) before the Cowley and “East Oxford” LTNs as were added by these LTNs. We haven’t noticed anyone suggesting these be converted to ANPR.

Source: Liveable Cowley