Walking short-cuts in Cowley

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Have you been trying to increase your steps during lockdown?

Maybe you’ve read the new Peter Walker book, Miracle Pill, about the benefits of 5,000 steps per day. Or maybe you’ve been inspired by our new Lord Mayor, Mark Lygo, or have gotten yourself hooked on StreetTag.

Whatever the reason, you’ll want to avail yourself of all the wonderful built-in pedestrian ‘permeability’ in Cowley. ‘Permeability’ is liveability jargon for ‘passage way’ or ‘cut through’.

Our friends at Oxfordshire Liveable Streets have highlighted all the pedestrian passageways and pedestrian cut-throughs right on our doorstep. Try using them to give yourself a new walking circuit or a walk to a store or park you wouldn’t have considered before! (If the map’s missing anything, tell us about it!)

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