Cowley LTNs survey results

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Oxfordshire County Council on 21 Jan 2021 decided in favour of trialling three low-traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) in the Cowley area of Oxford. This followed the publication of survey results asking residents their opinions on the project, in line with updated guidance from the Department for Transport. 

The survey ran 23 November to 18 December 2020. There were 969 responses from residents of the three LTNs and 1,464 responses overall. The 969 represents more than 15% of the households in the three LTNs, which is an above-average response rate for local authority consultations.

The survey showed a favourable response to the trials. People indicating “fully support” or “support with reservations” outnumbered “do not support” by greater than 2-to-1. On a neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood basis, the picture ranged from 1.6:1 in favour in Church Cowley to 4.2:1 in favour in Florence Park, with Temple Cowley in-between at 2.6:1.

Figure 1

Source: Oxfordshire County Council, Liveable Cowley.
Includes responses from residents of the three neighbourhoods or indicating they travel to the area for employment, recreation or other reason.


23 November 2020 – survey opened

24 November 2020

  • Council sent press release to local media about the survey. 
  • Council Tweeted and Facebooked the survey. 

25 November 2020

Local newspaper ran the story.

18 December 2020- survey closed

Data sources

Click here for the survey questions (PDF).

Click here for the survey responses, anonymised (XLSX).

Click here for summary tables of the survey results (Google Sheets).

Click here for locations of the filters noted in the survey (Google Maps).

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