What Can I Do?

1. Spread the word, and keep up the positive energy!

The Cowley LTN trial is being implemented partly due to an amazing response to the public consultation. But we can’t stop now! Please do talk to neighbours, friends and acquaintances (obviously in a COVID safe way) about these changes and how they could transform our communities for the better. Importantly, we know initial teething problems are inevitable, so the more people who know about and can plan for these changes, the better. The lesson from other LTNs is that we all need to give it time to settle down and see the huge benefits.

2. Contact your local politicians 

Our councillors will be receiving feedback about the new LTNs (positive and negative). Please send them a brief message of support now to make sure they get a balanced view of how residents feel about the scheme. Please email:

  • Yvonne Constance (County Cabinet member responsible for LTNs) – Yvonne.Constance@oxfordshire.gov.uk 
  • John Sanders (County Councillor for Cowley) – john.sanders@oxfordshire.gov.uk
  • Please copy your City Councillors

3. Respond to post-implementation surveys

Because of the legal structures used to implement LTNs, they are being introduced on a trial basis – for 6 months in the first instance, with an option to extend for another 12 months (after this time they must be removed or made permanent). Public opinion surveys will be conducted in the first month, after 5 months and, if the experimental LTNs continue, after 1 year. If the LTNs are making a positive impact on your community and you want them to stay, it is really important that you let the Council know.

4. Join us!

Please do get in touch or join our mailing list if you want to find out how you can join other members of your community to support the LTNs (click the link, or the contact tab).